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Small Business Cost Saving Tips

Young startups and small businesses are generally trying to save every penny they can and invest them into growth and development. Although companies can use various accounting software to keep track of income and expenses, an ideal profit margin can only be made when business is run efficiently. Whether it’s […]

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4 Cool FinTech Startups to Watch in 2017

The financial technology industry, or “fintech,” has been “riding an entrepreneurial wave,” according to Inc. magazine. Until recently, the financial services industry has been viewed as highly regulated and dominated by huge firms. But in recent years startups have been bringing fresh energy to the fintech market. Lower interest rates have made […]

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web design mistakes

8 Web Design Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

Regardless of how good you handle the digital promotion of your business, all roads eventually lead to your website. Once they arrive, your visitors will, both consciously and subconsciously, start to evaluate all the different elements and create a mental image of your business. This will be the thing that […]

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How to Design a More Productive Office

Improving worker productivity can save small businesses thousands of dollars per month. When employees become more productive, you don’t have to keep as many people on the payroll. Instead of hiring 10 people, you can get the same effort from nine or fewer employees. Luckily, you don’t have to spend […]

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Small Businesses Boosted by Ecommerce

The Capital Economics SME Growth Tracker suggests that small businesses using digital tools and e-commerce had more positive outlooks compared to firms that weren’t completely embracing the modern digital economy. The Growth Tracker is commissioned by Amazon UK and Enterprise Nation, and it showed small businesses making use of e-commerce […]

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Is Starting a Small Business in the U.S. Impossible in Today’s Economy?

The political atmosphere surrounding businesses–especially small business–has been abuzz with a lot of talk lately, especially with the Trump administration’s recent initiatives toward repealing Dodd-Frank. This new political climate promises to leave bits of slashed red tape littering the economic floor like confetti, especially with fresh executive orders demanding a […]

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