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5 Services Small Entrepreneurs Need if They Want to Grow

While employing a core team of staff is central to any successful business, an over-reliance on permanent employees can create a complacent and demotivated workforce that does not always optimise its productivity. This can lead to a lack of accountability within the business, and this notion was explored by a Tackle Fanatics study which revealed that […]

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Some Tips on Small Business Financing

Being the owner of a small business can be invigorating.  Who needs to jump out of airplanes or climb mountains when you can build something with your name on it from scratch.  Isn’t building a legacy what life is all about? A critical part of building a successful small business […]

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Small Business Secrets: Technologies To Invest In

Almost every business today, whether large or small can see the amazing effects the right technology has on total revenue. Many of today’s customers relate well to technology whether utilized for marketing and advertising, bill paying, or communicating. Although it may seem expensive to invest in at times, the initial […]

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Avoid Making These 4 Common Startup Mistakes

If you’re planning to start a business, you’ll find there are way too many opportunities to learn the hard way. Inexperienced entrepreneurs end up hurting themselves financially when they start a business and fail to avoid common mistakes. Experience is a great teacher. And someone else’s experience is an even […]

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My Business Flop: Learn From My Mistakes

Mistakes, although not nice at the time, can be valuable lessons! I started a business back in October 2011 called Funky Goddess. I had no finance or experience but even so, I managed to get my business off the ground and into over 100 retail outlets nationwide. I sold the […]

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Stay Safe on Social Media

Social Media is a vital tool for both businesses and consumers. We use social media to share information, stay up to date on the latest events, ask questions and build our brands, either personal or company! Social media use is so ingrained in our minds today that the first thing […]

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