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3XE Digital Conference, Dublin

This content and social media marketing conference and exhibition will take place in Croke Park and includes speaker from Facebook, LinkedIn and the Digital Marketing Institute. Speeches begin at 9am.

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Calling all Innovators & Entrepreneurs, we need your help & your green VOTE !!

As with any Irish technology company, we all suffer unique challenges when growing business internationally. As a country we have a small population so we struggle when trying to make as much noise as our International competitors. Even places we assume are tiny states such as Haiti & Togo have twice and three times […]

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Twitter Express Workshop: The Digital Hub, Dublin

Twitter has transformed the way we communicate in business yet many business leaders struggle to use it as an effective business tool and to successfully incorporate it into their standard work and business practices. It is a language made up of 140 character bursts, punctuated by hashtags and a vocabulary full of “@’s” and “RT’s”. Is it time for you and your business to brush up on your Twitter?

This hands-on workshop by Athena Media is for busy professionals keen to engage with Twitter and use the micro-blogging platform as a means of communications, marketing, sales, brand awareness, strategy, advocacy and information.

This express workshop will involve looking at case studies, exploring best practices, business strategies, an easy to grasp guide to twitter usage and most importantly it will outline the legal and rights based issues for businesses and professionals. The workshop will be led by skilled communicator and practitioner, Athena Media’s MD, Helen Shaw.

Athena Media has been running full workshops on Social Media & Online Content, Podcasting (Audio & Video) for six years and has helped over 1,500 companies both in Ireland and the UK to do better business online. We also offer bespoke training for organisations. Some of our recent clients include Dublin Institute of Technology, The Irish Times, Dublin City Enterprise Board, and The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. Our clients frequently want more specific workshops on key aspects of social media, especially twitter. 

Please note that once a place is booked is not refundable but if the workshop is cancelled Athena Media will refund in full.


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Twitter for Business Workshop, Dublin

For us, Twitter has been the best tool for getting sign ups to training courses. Twitter generates a good deal of revenue for us but the route is indirect. It works something like this:

  • Tweet out interesting things at the best times.
  • In between those interesting things, do data capture. (We populate our Mailing List and Interest list using Twitter)
  • Create segmented mailing lists that we send mails out to e.g. People in Dublin interested in Google Analytics.
  • Send mailshots directing people to the website and get course purchases from there.
  • Repeat.

What this workshop will do

  • Show you how to gain the right followers, have potential customers follow you.
  • Automate your marketing on Twitter to free up your time to do other things.
  • Have a Lead Generation plan for Twitter using Twitter cards. I’ve gotten 100s of leads from them.
  • Analyse how well you’re doing using Twitter’s own analytics tool.
  • Examples of Twitter PR campaigns we ran that got national attention.
  • Evaluate whether Twitter Ads are for you.


About your trainer:
Damien is someone that’s been on Twitter from the start, knows how to genuinely make it work for a business without pulling follower generation scams or begging for Retweets. There aren’t tricks, the secret to getting business on Twitter is to treat Twitter like a business tool.

About Mulley Communications:
Our mantra is “Make Others Successful”. With this course we want to make Twitter work better for you

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Best Social Media Campaigns 2014

Best Social Media Campaigns 2014: For many brands, social media is the bed rock of their digital marketing strategy. With a keen understanding of your audience, a dash of creativity and some good content, social media allows you to communicate with audiences and make your brand stand out. Many brands […]

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What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? Chaffey et al., 2009 describe digital marketing as ‘achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies’. These digital technologies include Internet media such as web sites and e-mail as well as other digital media such as wireless or mobile and media for delivering digital television such as cable […]

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My Advice To @Ryanair On Twitter

Big fanfare last week that Ryanair has joined Twitter.  Then you hear that they’re not going to talk to anyone because they have 80 million customers. [I love it: even when they are saying something negative, they spin!!]  A random conversation in the changing rooms before 8am this morning got […]

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Stay Safe on Social Media

Social Media is a vital tool for both businesses and consumers. We use social media to share information, stay up to date on the latest events, ask questions and build our brands, either personal or company! Social media use is so ingrained in our minds today that the first thing […]

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Social media marketing tips

In this post I outline some social media marketing tips I learned after attending an excellent Digital Marketing and Social Media library talk organised by Dublin City Enterprise Board and presented by Noel Davidson in 2012. The room was packed full of people wanted to know how they can use […]

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Understanding social media users

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate with each other and how companies communicate with society. The most common social networks (SN) are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+. Understand how people use SN can guide us when attracting and communicating with customers. This article is based on research conducted by […]

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