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Sacred Success Circle Meet up, Dublin

The intention behind this meet up is for women in business to come together in a supportive space of possibility & potential.

This is a not straight up networking event and pitching is best left at the door. This event is for conscious women focused on abundant living & the creation of prosperous purposeful businesses, who desire to join with other like minded entrepreneurs & go getters in an atmosphere of Gratitude, Accountability & Celebration.


Together each month as a group we;

* Celebrate our wins of the month previous.

* Focus on the upcoming month.

* Open up to higher levels of Success within us.

* Connect with our own business on a deeper level so as participants, we walk away feeling nourished, supported & aligned with the deeper Success of our Business. (The deeper the success, the smoother & more joyful the ride)

* Share & Support each other. We’re all challenged by the same stuff. Living the lives we desire requires expansion beyond the comfort zone & growth. Growing a business in this day and age requires way more authenticity & vulnerability then in previous years. An individual on their own with the right mindset is powerful. A group of individuals joining together for growth and transformation with the right mindset is ULTIMATELY WAY MORE powerful.

Because this is the first one, I will have an outline prepared but I won’t get any materials made up just yet, until I know what works best with this group. So please bring along something to write with & write on.

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Women led businesses and “the norm”

Found this. It’s from a BIS Small Business Survey 2010 Women led businesses boost. Not that huge a difference between Women led businesses and the norm. Most striking is difference in turn over, perception of the business and investment in staff. Women-led SME employers were more likely than SME employers in […]

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8.5% of board members in Ireland are women

Our researcher in Ulster Bank (thank youLisa) send us this. Figures from GMI Ratings show that around 8.5% of board members in Ireland are women compared to an average of 11.1% in the world’s industrialised countries. The average in emerging markets is 7.2%. The situation shows little signs of getting […]

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Women in business

Fifteen years ago, I used to do a lot of ideas generation and future trend workshops. One of the authors I used to quote a lot was Faith Popcorn. See wrote a book in 1992, “The popcorn report”, which was predicting some interesting trends, most of them spot on. One […]

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Women in business? Pass the smelling salts

Despite the rumour mill of social history, women have played an important economic role throughout many different eras. During the twentieth century there was a tendency for many women to tow the line and stay home bringing up baby but prior to this the story was a bit more complicated. Believe […]

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