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TEDxWomen talks women entrepreneurs

Lessons from women entrepreneurs in post conflict situations. A great talk from TEDxWomen and I am sure this will resonate. Some key points form the video:

  • Earning an income is earning respect
  • Women aim too low
  • Women create 5.5 million jobs in USA by 2018
  • 20% off all businesses in China are women led
  • Korea has 400,000 women led businesses, Indonesia has 0.5 million
  • In developing world it is 40-50%
  • Women are stuck in productivity trap
  • Women businesses are the merging market in the emerging markets
  • Smaller gender gaps are directly correlated with increased international competetiveness
  • 50% of the population is obviously NOT a special interest group

TEDxWomen talks women entrepreneurs

A¬†TEDxWomen event is a TEDx event featuring the webcast of TEDxWomen — a TEDx event hosted by Pat Mitchell and the Paley Center for Media. Licenses are currently available to host a TEDx event in collaboration with TEDxWomen. Please be sure to read the rules below carefully before applying.

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