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That old chestnut… the ‘Glass Ceiling’

I’ve been planning to pen something about this topic for quite some time now… and it just happens that in the last week, I’ve had several reminders!


The very same frustrations

To quote Forbes Magazine’s Moira Forbes “If you rewind a year, two years, pick a number in the past decade, doesn’t it feel like we’ve already had the very same conversations, quoting the very same bleak statistics, sharing the very same frustrations?” – I couldn’t agree more. What are we doing to change this fact? Not much. There is an unfortunate sense of acquiescence about the whole debate; those involved (and I include myself) seem to just continue on in the face of the obstacles we come up against and not actually do anything to ameliorate the situation.

I have had difficulty with ‘getting out of my own way’ on several occasions recently, and it seems that this is an involuntary state we women often find ourselves in. Why, I wonder, do we stymie our own progress? Is it genetic? Would someone please do a study and find out for us?

In addition to our own in-build obstacle-factory, we tend to create issues for one another ‘in the sisterhood’. Again, some genetic research is required here!


Unnecessarily nasty

In the last week I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the wonderful Mary Davis (M.D. Special Olympics Europe and Eurasia). During her talk, Mary made reference to the fact that us ladies have a tendency towards being unnecessarily nasty to our fellow womenfolk. Not the most sporting way to behave, it has to be said.

So, while we have the notorious ‘glass ceiling’ to contend with, we’re also quite capable of impeding our own successes…

Perhaps the next tranche of investigation or commentary on the subject should really review the way we women act, and betimes, how we collaborate with and facilitate the constraints in our lives.