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The 60 30 10 Rule

Traditional postal direct marketing is as powerful a tool for communicating with prospective customers as it has always been notwithstanding everybody increasing online life. Direct mail marketing can be even more effective if you keep in mind the following:

Direct mailers cite the 60‚30‚10 rule. Direct mail success depends 60% on the quality and accuracy of your list; 30% on your offer and 10% on creativity.

The most powerful and customer-motivating words to use in direct mail include:

  • You /your
  • New
  • Today
  • Because
  • Enjoy
  • Announcing
  • Limited
  • Free
  • Now
  • Since
  • Off
  • At last
  • Only
  • Then


Typical direct mail offers include (free, no obligation, nominal priced):

  • Information
  • Trial
  • Book
  • Catalogue
  • Survey
  • Demo
  • Consultation
  • Sample
  • Gift


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