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The Baby Bay Market branches out from Leinster

For the past six months The Baby Bay Market has been running in various locations around Dublin and founder Mandy O’Rourke is now bringing it to Sligo.

Buy, sell, recycle your baby stuff

The idea behind The Baby Bay Market is to allow parents to buy, sell and recycle their baby stuff in a safe and fun environment. O’Rourke also runs, where parents can trade their baby stuff online.

She has just re-launched the site so parents can now post their unwanted baby goods for free.”I’ve been running for over two years now and always wanted to run the markets alongside the website,” said O’Rourke.

Sligo was chosen as the first location outside Leinster for the markets as O’Rourke knows it well further to attending Sligo Regional Technical College in the 1990s and having married Sligo man Jonathan O’Rourke.

As well as being a way for parents to clear out and make some extra cash, there will also be some local businesses at the market selling baby related products.

The Baby Bay Market will take place on 27 January at the Clarion Hotel, Sligo from 11am to 2pm. Stalls can be booked online at There is also a limited number of trade stands available too.

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