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Our Elevator Pitch, what do you think?

Communication is absolutely vital to the success of a small business. As a start-up we are learning everyday about our marketing communications. Our messaging is constantly evolving also but it has never strayed too far from the core value proposition i.e. we save companies time, money and hassle.

Cornerstone of all our communications is “the pitch” or known to others as the elevator pitch. This is the 60 second introduction, explanation and selling of the value proposition. We are constantly improving this as the pitch is reused across all marketing communications i.e. when you meet a prospect for a first time, communicating via email, selling over the phone, our profile description on twitter, pitching to investors/bankers etc.

In preparation for a 60 second pitch with Enterprise Ireland recently, we did some homework to get our messaging correct. Cork Leeside Toastmasters have been very helpful in the past 12 months with the planning, preparation and execution of great speeches. Using simple language and telling a story are two key elements which we’ve built into all our communications. The recipient of thousands of pitches, Bill Liao, thankfully posted some very helpful advice recently online (as part of a side project for CoderDojo). The key point is to identify the pain/problem of the customer before selling the solution.

So with this great advice, we pitched to Enterprise Ireland as follows;

However, this prepared speech did not convey the passion and gra for but a few hours later we pitched again to and this impromptu reaction is much more memorable;

The take-aways for us are to make it simple, deliver with passion, stick to 30 seconds max and limit the planning by just going for it! Any other comments?

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2 Responses to Our Elevator Pitch, what do you think?

  1. Chris Westfall July 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    Congratulations on putting together your elevator pitch, and taking the time to focus your message in the videos!  Great work

    • supplyIE August 4, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

       Thanks very much Chris. I don’t think we’ll ever stop refining our message…

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