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The Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing and ads are everywhere these days. We rely on it to reach our customers and tell them that we offer something they might be interested in. We all know this but how do you do it correctly? There is an entire science behind this simple word, and not many people are aware of it. Contrary to popular beliefs, not all marketing is good marketing. Sometimes, it can be annoying for your auditorium or simply ignored, which is the worst case scenario. Here are some key ingredients in a successful marketing campaign…

We are here to discuss a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing a marketing campaign for your business. These guidelines will help you keep your mind on the goal and avoid common pitfalls.


The power of marketing is no secret. Everyone is doing it these days, and if you want to make your marketing campaign succeed, you need to makes sure it stands out of the crowd. People have gotten used to getting spammed by advertisement on a daily basis, and they can quickly  filter anything that doesn’t interest them. Also, they have seen so many commercials and ads that they know all the “classic” tricks marketers use to draw their attention.

This is why, in recent years, Guerrilla marketing has had such success. By rule, it requires a creative approach and it usually draws attention easily. Originality is important for other, also very important aspect of marketing called branding. If you manage to get a personality through consistency in marketing, you are going to see more success on your end.


First of all, not every product or service can be targeted at everybody. If you decide to make your marketing campaign that wide, you are going to see limited success. You have to be aware what kind of people might be interested in what you have to offer, and target them specifically. When you have this in mind, you can adapt the style of your marketing campaign to be more focused on your target crowd and therefore have more success with them.

It is not always about how many people you reach, sometimes, it is which ones you focus on. There are more than a few ways in which you can find out what your target audience is, whether it is by relying on competition’s data, analysing your sales, surveys and so on, but it is crucial that you have this information before you start creating your marketing plan.


Don’t just keep blabbering about how your company is the greatest in the world in your marketing efforts. People are tired of shameless self-promoting businesses that pose themselves as the solution for all the problems you’ve ever had in your lifetime. Bragging isn’t providing any value. Value is provided by giving a solution to a specific problem your target audience is facing or providing them with information on discounts, product quality and so on. Don’t oversell yourself!

It is far better to be honest about the quality of the work you do than to disappoint your customers when they actually decide to make a purchase. Promotional products are also a nice way to provide value for your marketing efforts. You need to be aware that most people view advertising as a violent invasion into their attention, so you need to make their time worth it or they will have a negative association connected to your company name. You don’t want this to happen, trust me.

Quality over quantity

You don’t have to advertise every minute of every day. Don’t stretch your budget by doing small marketing bursts here and there? You would be better off doing one quality marketing campaign per yearly quarter than 10 poorly made attempts of advertising.

Keep your ads classy. Anybody can go for sensationalistic approach, but it leaves a sour aftertaste in the viewer’s mind and doesn’t create positive association within your auditorium. You need to present yourself in realistic light, but still manage to accent your good sides. Keep yourself out of the dirt, and create an honest image for your company, which can grow and gain trust of your target audience. Good luck!

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