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The Process Of Internationalisation

In the rapid growth stage the business will typically have started its internationalisation, frequently by “passive/indirect exporting”, whereby multinational businesses in the local market and visitors will buy the product for consumption back in their parent country/country of origin.

And then moving on to the ‘agent/partner’ stage where sales volumes kick-on. Thereafter, the journey can evolve as follows: Process of Internationalisation.


  • Hire staff who are familiar with your target market
  • Senior managers must be willing to travel frequently to meet potential customers
  • Develop/attain an internationally recognised quality assurance system and service quality standard
  • Train staff in the culture and customs of your target market
  • Start with a market that is predisposed towards your product/early adopter
  • Consider entering the market with a local partner
  • Talk to foreign customers in your local market about their country-of-origin market
  • Talk to foreign alumni of your alma mater in your local market about their country-of-origin market
  • Talk to other national companies operating in the foreign target market.


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