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The (real) Can Man!

We weren’t that surprised when Obama registered on We understand why. We have followed his sentiment of “yes we can” — (followed/plagarised — tomato/tomatoe!)! We were hoping for a real visit to our offices..that flipping cloud!

Yes, we can! Lets talk about this for a minute. In our next column in the Belfast Telegraph and Sunday Business Post we talk about seeing more and more businesses adopting to the changes, opportunities and threats that the world is bringing. We see that in social media, in materials, in services, in business models, in logistics, in travel, marketing, in ICT, in export….

We can export more!

Actually export is no longer a choice, it’s a must. For all the right reasons. We may not realise it, but every company that has survived the last 3 years is, by definition, a good company and can win abroad. We should be patting ourselves on the back. We are survivors and deserve applause!  As a result our products and services are now world class — or getting there, our management teams have learned some valuable lessons, our organisations are lean and mean and we can now compete on the world market. Why waste a good crisis!

Over the next few years,  our companies will start realising their true potential and pounce on developing markets.

Our unique mindset, our investment in research, our ability to tell stories, the Diaspora, our history, our entrepreneurs, our ability to connect will all come together. As Obama says the best has yet to come.

He’s after getting us all upbeat.  If you want to engage with Obama, his profile’s on the site. Say hello and let the 100,0000 welcomes have a long online tail and make the positivity last. And if you’re exporting or thinking about it join our new Exporting Group…and get help, or give it!