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The Site It Is A-changin’

The extra four weeks have been used to pack an awful lot of great new features into the site.

Let’s start by explaining what’s behind the changes. The raison d’etre for is that businesspeople collaborate and help each other with insights on starting and growing businesses. The end game is that we have a huge community constantly engaging and as a consequence we have an even ‘huger’ repository of information about every aspect of starting and growing a business in Ireland. The new site is looking to  both strengthen the community and enhance the information flow around the site so that eventually all the ‘good stuff’ ends up in a library.


If facebook can do it…

There will be a login page on the new site. Its an accepted convention that people log onto sites such as facebook.  SBC is going the same route.  This will strengthen the community aspect of the site and hopefully get even more people contributing. SBC will be constantly canvassing for new members from now on because the constant infusion of new blood into the site will keep it invigorated and topical and broaden the range of business issues being discussed.


All 4 One…

The site has been streamlined into 4 areas and the links between these areas tightened.  The ‘blog’ is being enhanced. It will be updated at least twice per day. Guest blogging and user contributed blogs will become big features. Feeds from other media covering issues of interest to SMEs from around the world will also be featured. ’Community’ functionality has been upgraded to allow people bring in friends from outside aswell as connect with others on the site. ‘Forums’…well they’ve been upgraded…what more can we say? Last but not least we’re introducing a ‘Wiki’ that will take over from the growth centre and the start up centre. The Wiki will be populated with all of the info currently on the site aswell as new contributions from members. This Wiki will also be accessed via an app and through mobiles etc.

Accessing the site from other social media, being able to share information with others in the community and on other pages such as facebook, better search facilities, creating events, etc etc…all in the upgrade.


Don’t mention the war

We have to mention the war. There will be new major functionality coming onto the site soon after the upgrade. You’ll probably see references to ‘marketplace’ and ‘coming soon’. We could pretend that this is a big secret and all will be revealed. The truth of the matter is that while we’re building it we’re still fighting about what it will contain – directories, jobs, cloud services, funding options,……who knows. We’ll let you know once we know ourselves.


Paddy’s day done for another year

Speaking of Wiki: When we were researching how these things work on Wikipedia, we came across a topic devoted to ‘Paddy the…’ jokes. So even though we are a little late….here’s some ‘Paddy the Irishman’ jokes…

A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman were discussing the infidelity of their wives. “I think my wife is having an affair with an electrician”, said the Englishman, “because I found an electrician’s toolbox under her bed last night.” “I think my wife is having an affair with a plumber”, said the Scotsman, “because last night I found a plunger under her bed”. “I think my wife is having an affair with a horse”, said the Irishman, “because last night I found a jockey under her bed.”

Hope ye had a great Paddy’s day…speaking of which our ‘Can Man’ still seems to be enjoying himself at the top of the page