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The Win-Build Export Approach

The favoured export market entry strategy favoured is to select a first-priority region, secure initial business revenues and then focus on building operations there, rather than trying to expand into all regions at once. This is termed the win-and-build approach.

Start with indirect export marketing to quickly build foreign market buyer trust in your business and its products. You target foreign subsidiaries located in the local market as network facilitators and/or product buyers as an entry strategy into their home market. Similarly, using introduction by professional services networks can accelerate successful market entry.

Product will require adaptation to meet local marketing, regulatory and technical requirements. Marketing, sales and service materials and manuals, agreements and so on will have to be internationalised. Make sure your product name, slogans and concepts “translate” in target countries and cultures. For example, Coca Cola’s launch name in China translated into “female horse stuffed with wax”.