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…they put on their pants one leg at a time as-well

Thinking of selling abroad?  Is exporting really that big a deal?  Should it be just a normal part of doing business for many companies? Taking part in our Business Live sessions might help you get answers to these questions.

The people we have on our panels have asked those questions and found answers. Tom Murphy of Pamex, based in the West sells a natural shaving cream all over the world. Tom will be sharing his stories in Galway. He sells direct and through partners. Gerry Brandon of Alltracel fame sold into over 50 countries through 3rd party distribution and floated his business. He’s now embarking on a new Eco adventure. Gerry will be on the panel in Dublin. Mark Walton of Voya makes natural products from materials found in our seas and sells directly to spas all over the world. Mark will be sharing his experiences in Sligo. Ballycotton Seafoods is also exploiting our natural resource and is building a vertical supply chain capable of taking on the world. Colin Walsh of Ballycotton will be at out Cork event, as will Alan of Glenillen Farms who’s selling natural yogurts right across the UK.

What about past panelists? Denis Kelly of joined us in Belfast. His company sells clothes, accessories, fashion items, perfumes for dogs via the internet. It’s selling into the States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Jane Marshall of MastIreland, a training company in NI, has made the FDIs in Dublin a home market. Pat Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Nurseries sells saplings into the West coast of America.

We’ve had 24 great business people so far sharing their experiences. And 32 more to go in February.

Plenty of help
And then there’s the agencies. We have the trade representative for the British Embassy in Ireland sitting on most of our panels. Simon will bend over backwards to help Irish SMEs set up in Britain. Intertrade Ireland is at all of the events and is focussed completely on promoting cross border trade. Some of our panelists are HPSUs of Enterprise Ireland and it’s on hand to talk about the help it’s providing companies to break into foreign markets. The Irish Export association and Bord Bia have also helped with introductions to great companies that are now sitting on our panels or are contributing on the site.

What’s the Japanese for bubblegum?
There’s plenty of help and support available for good businesses. Have a look at the Blog on Bubblegum and the success of Grainne Kelly’s company as it sells an innovative child’s car seat into Brazil and Japan as well as many more countries. What a success story!

Gerry, Denis, Michael, Grainne and Tom are mortal like the rest of us. They decided they wanted to grow their businesses and they went out and did it. And they are doing it well. If you visit and our Twitter channel @SmallBC you can follow and read up on the lessons from our other sessions.

But nothing beats being there and hearing it first hand, combined with the opportunity to meet and greet.

Register here
We’re in L’Derry, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Cork, Waterford, Dublin and Cookstown next month. We’ll have 32 businesspeople who are all at the frontline developing new markets abroad. You couldn’t buy the insights and learning that will be shared on the nights. It’s not too late to register. Hopefully, we will see you there.

Ron Immink is the co-founder of