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Three-Step New Year’s Resolution for your Business

Have you managed to count how many blog-posts / articles / references out there with some spurious link to New Year Resolutions? There are a lot. And just to throw my tuppence-worth at it, I have decided to indicate a few small tips for your delectation, on how you can put yourself on track for 2012.

So, Christmas might have been a proper ‘holiday’ for you? Or at least a few well-earned days off after a hectic year. In any case, the New Year provides great opportunity and timeliness to reassess, rethink and restart.

Review your progress
What does this mean for the average business? Simply that you use the occasion of a new year to review your progress [you may have done this before Christmas, if you’re organised] and chart this against your business objectives. It is key that you identify the gaps where plans / strategic objectives fell flat or didn’t reach their potential.

As a simple 1,2,3 – think about it this way…

Purpose: What is our / my purpose in this pursuit?

Vision: What will ‘great’ look like? What will the business look like [e.g. clients / positioning]?

Plan: How am I going to achieve my / our purpose and vision?


Post by Olwen Dawe,