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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Can Help Small Businesses

The world of marketing is an ever-changing one, what with new ideas, strategies, innovative tools and techniques being churned out ever so often! With each passing year, we witness new marketing trends in all media. Being in a field that is intensely competitive and ruthless, it is always the top priority of entrepreneurs and marketers to come up with newer vistas and deliver results successfully time and again.

The limitless world of digital marketing provides a major helping hand to modern small businesses in the form of marketing themselves through computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, digital billboards and so on. It has opened up another dimension that has revolutionized the way products and services are promoted i.e. the social media. Some of the boons of social media are SEO (search engine optimization), e-mail, videos, content, and so on. Digital media can prove to be very effective for small businesses as it is quick, cost-effective and provide the sort of reach that very few other media can.

Digital Marketing Trends

In this post, we look at some of the recent digital marketing trends and how they can help small entrepreneurs in growing their business.

1. Content-Driven SEOs

Enterprising businesses have already taken notice of the power of content-rich SEOs and are using this innovation in their venture. One of the biggest challenges of digital marketing is to attract relevant traffic to their website as the number of clicks is what ultimately makes the difference. Developing high quality and interesting content is never easy, and because the plague of plagiarism and duplication of content looms large over the internet, Google too has played is playing its part in maintaining a certain standard for published material. It has created two major updates – Panda and Penguin – that emphasize high rankings among SEOs.

Thanks to such updates, SEOs automatically realize the importance of generating original, relevant and engaging content, which has resulted in more, deeper and newer knowledge for people via mediums like blogs, videos, e-books, etc. SEOs can help small businesses by diverting traffic towards their website by determining the most pertinent results for keywords.

2. Social Media Matters

In case you thought that social media meant just Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, then you need to wake up and smell LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even Google+. There’s no doubt that the former platforms rule the roost, but the latter options are greatly evolving and are proving to be worthwhile too. Using these platforms effectively can help small businesses create visibility and presence for themselves and build a brand that will eventually go on to become a household name. Such platforms also help businesses keep in touch with their current clients and create a base for potential clients. Paid advertising on the above mentioned platforms is also set to witness a surge in the time to come as it is a great way to improve search rankings and business image.

3. Mobile Mania

The number of mobile users has only boomed over the years and is expected to touch 4.55 billion worldwide this year. Furthermore, it is also expected that over 2.23 billion people (or 48.9% of mobile users) globally, will have internet on their handsets. Smartphones have been constantly changing the way people access information. Small businesses know that in order to grow, they have to meet the high demand for information on-the-go and look at it as a great opportunity. From computers to laptops, down to tablets and now finally to smartphones, it is expected that in future, people would be accessing the internet mostly from their phones. Due to this, small businesses are increasingly emphasizing on mobile websites, applications, email marketing, couponing, and refining mobile communication technology.

4. Marketing through Videos

More and more internet users are taking to watching content on YouTube, Vine, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat more than ever. Having a video strategy in place will make good business sense to meet the rising future demand. Be it self-help videos, product videos, demos or audio-visual testimonials, the common sentiment is that it is much more entertaining to watch and hear it, than just read it. Since, videos are easily accessible and interactive, people find them more engaging and memorable. It is an inexpensive way of creating influential content that can be watched over computers and smartphones with a high-speed internet connection. Small business can easily create corporate videos and upload them on the internet to promote themselves.

5. Fast and Friendly User Interface

For startups and small businesses, creating a great first impression is crucial. The idea is to make an impact on people that will leave them wanting more. In the age of instant gratification, businesses will be wooing their customers by providing fast and user-friendly experiences time after time. Just having a business website is no longer going to suffice. More and more emphasis is being placed on visually stunning designs and usability – features that are no longer an accessory, but a necessity of the digital marketing strategy. Easy navigation, minimal loading time and attractive presentation are some of the key features that customers look for in websites.

To Conclude

Digital marketing is a direct result of globalization and one can easily base its upcoming trends on the globalization of not just the economy, but also communication. It has opened up avenues and welcomes the use of newer technology and unconventional approaches to marketing and stresses on putting the needs of the consumer first. Marketing communications are becoming simpler and precise owing to the fact that consumers are already bombarded with much information. Small businesses can definitely use digital marketing for gaining a strong foothold in the market in a short span of time and building their brand, managing their customers and establishing their reputation.

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