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Top 7 Content Writing Tools for Your Small Business Website

Creating a successful website or blog can sometimes seem incredibly daunting. There are so many things to consider. Of course, you know you need excellent content. But what about the other factors that are more difficult to understand? How do you choose the right content for your audience? How do you maintain your website while also toggling other important projects? How do you manage your time to make yourself as successful as possible?
There are a seemingly endless number of apps and websites that promise heightened productivity and better blogging skills. Some can help you come up with writing ideas and others can keep you organized. So, here are seven content writing tools that you’ll actually want to use!

Quick Sprout

Simply type in your URL, and you’ll get a complete (not to mention free) SEO analysis of your page. Quick Sprout give you an SEO score, a snapshot of your competitors’ data, and a handy little tool that tells you which posts have performed the best and worst over time. Use this data to improve your traffic and create a more engaging experience for your readers.


Ninja Essays

Even with a strong marketing plan, nobody will care about your campaign if they don’t love your message. Ninja Essays knows how to write compelling, engaging content. So whether you need a new article for your website or just some editing, Ninja Essays’ team of writers, and researchers can help you achieve the high quality content you want and your readers deserve. Bonus: their website offers helpful writing tips and a citation generator.


Plagiarism Checker

It’s extremely important that your work is 100% original. Plag Tracker will evaluate your article or post to make sure it’s not plagiarized. It’s completely free and easy to use.



Awarded “Best App of 2014,” Desk allows you to type up a blog post directly to your desktop in a no-fuss, user-friendly window. Then, you just select where you’d like to post it. It’s compatible with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, and more. Not only does Desk make blogging easy for even the least tech savvy writer, but it also makes the entire process faster. So, you can spend more time actually writing.



Toggl is similar to Egg Timer, but it has a more complex design and more features. Toggl allows you to set up a list of all the tasks you need to work on. You can start and stop a timer on each task. Toggl then creates reports to show you how you spend your time throughout the day. It’s a fun and effective way to improve your time management skills or identify projects that are either taking up too much time or are being neglected.



Ah, the dreaded “to-do” list. It may never go away, but at least with Wunderlist, it’ll seem more manageable. Wunderlist arranges all of your lists and reminders in one place. The built in alarm clocks, notes, due dates, and tags make it easy to keep yourself on track. Folders make organization simple and clean. And you can share the lists via email or through the app to other Wunderlist users.


Egg Timer

Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that yield the best results. Egg Timer is a super simple website that allows you to set mini timers throughout your day. Egg Timer will sound an alarm after 5, 10, 60, or however many minutes you decide. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to divide your time between multiple projects. You can dig into a task knowing that you won’t get swept away for too long. And if you’re a procrastinator, Egg Timer can help you break your projects into small, manageable pieces.

Happy writing!

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3 Responses to Top 7 Content Writing Tools for Your Small Business Website

  1. Patricia Ryall October 15, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    Excellent article…Really useful

  2. Gerry Downey October 17, 2015 at 12:42 am #

    Great post loving the timer gadgets there something I need to realy make use of as god knows I’m a great procrastinator when I get going cheers for the resources they should come in handy.

  3. Tom October 26, 2016 at 10:17 am #

    Great list of tools, thanks.
    Regarding time tracking, I would also recommend TimeSheet Reporter (, since it allows you to track time via your Outlook calendar. It works like a charm, by the way. 🙂

    My two cents, hope it helps. 🙂


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