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Total Freedom

If you are in business for yourself, you did so because it would give you more freedom than you could otherwise have, working for someone else. You started probably in great gusto, you were in charge. And with your entrepreneurial drive you gave the business life.

Uno number 1

However, being uno number one probably also brought some headaches with you having the sole responsibility for continuous decision making. What normally happens in this solo run stage as the prime decision maker is that pressure eventually leads at some point to a crisis. And the freedom your heart had yearned for is sadly fleeting.

Now events seem to be running you, pressure builds, too little time, too little money and too few good people with the same drive and energy as you. If any of the above strikes a chord with you do not despair, it is simply a game changing moment. For at this stage you are most likely ready to progress to the next level of leadership. But this level for sure is not a solo run!

To be totally free, we have to overcome our ego! Jim Collins, in “Good to Great” calls these high performers level five leaders. They have successfully managed to make the switch from the limiting mind-sets of the ego. They have found the sweet spot between their passion and their talent; their true life’s purpose.

Relationship management

Our true nature is to be totally free. We yearn for ways to express ourselves. And Spiritual Entrepreneurs are utterly resourceful; having made the relationship leaps which are inclusive and not exclusive. They master the art of relationship management, their own and others. They create the environment for collective synergy and breakthrough solutions to come bubbling to the surface.

This paradigm shift can only come when you are truly willing to learn more about yourself. We need to go a little deeper. Take an emotional intelligence assessment and start the upward journey toward total freedom. See you there!

Joseph Geraghty is the founder of the School of Mastery for Emotional Intelligence