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Trend: Sustainable living

The Consumer Lifestyles Trends Programme is a foundation of knowledge that allows the Irish Food and Drinks Industry to better predict and prepare for consumers’ future needs and wants. Last week we looked at the Simple Pleasures trend which is all about the importance of getting enjoyment from the simple things in life and to have experiences that add fun and meaning.

Responsible Living
Responsible Living can be summarized as;

“I am mindful that I need to live more responsibly; I want to make better choices that make a difference without having to compromise”

Social and environmental concerns remain of high importance for people. But high priority does not always mean the top priority, and many people seek to balance the issues of ethics and finances as well as they can manage. Affordable choices and easy to do actions resonate with people wanting to live more responsibly.

When considering more responsible choices, where the outcome is more tangible, the benefit is clearer. Where the outcome leads to a local or personal benefit (as well as a wider social or environment benefit), the choice is more motivating.

As concern is heightened through either direct exposure or media attention, many people are increasingly looking toward companies and institutions to lead the way; expecting real proof of the positive impacts they claim to make.

The sub trends for Sustainable Lives include:

  • Conserving Resources–Living in a world where resources are increasingly in short supply
  • Good Causes – Explains how consumers are supporting a worthy cause through purchase choices
  • Fair Treatment –Treating animals and people fairly in the production process.
  •  Climate Conscious – Focuses on protecting the world’s environment and biodiversity
  • War on Waste – Highlights the drive to reduce the wasteful results of consumption


Please click here for more information and analysis on these trends.

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One Response to Trend: Sustainable living

  1. Jack Rogers December 4, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    Hi Ron, it’s true, people are considering the environment and causes behind their choices. I read that over 40% of people look at the community aspect of a food item before buying. People are looking at what’s in the food, how it’s produced and the augumented nature – what value does it have. I work with New Grange Gold and all our produced are nice and natural with high amounts of Omega 3 and Vitamin E. It’s a real driver these days to appeal. Plus we support the Boyne region and our buyers appreciate that.
    Jack, New GrangeGold
    Great post!

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