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Twitter marketing… Made Easy!

Twitter is an excellent tool for Internet Marketing. You can use it for practically any marketing campaign. Twitter marketing can reach millions of people simultaneously and best of all…it’s free.

Twitter has taken over the social networking world by storm and in a very short time has become bigger than MySpace and is taking Facebook head on for the title of most popular networking site on the web. Converting the massive amount of traffic from Twitter into money in your pocket is easier than you might think.

Viral Marketing

Twitter basically gives you the ability to explore viral marketing techniques and abilities that article marketing and targeted SEO traffic just simply can’t provide. Knowing how and why Twitter works is essential for this. Twitter Marketing involves establishing a large base of friends or “Tweets” that you can send out mass messages to. After establishing a large Tweet base, it’s easy to start sending out some sort of “call to action” message that involves visiting your site, signing up for your CPA offer, or even purchasing your products or services. This is an excellent tactic for affiliate marketers because it is much easier than trying to drive traditional traffic to a landing or pitch page, and the traffic is actually targeted to that offer as well.

Twitter Marketing works the best when it is mixed with other social networking campaigns. MySpace and Facebook are also great places to find targeted traffic. If you already have an account on MySpace or Facebook, let your friends there know that you are now on Twitter and hopefully a good chunk of those friends will start to follow you on there as well.

Unique, fresh and frequent

You’ll defiantly want to make sure that your messages are unique, fresh, and frequent. This is the biggest hurdle for most Twitter Marketers. The best advice for writing your messages so that they don’t look like an advertisement or spam is to make them sound genuine or maybe even give a testimonial about how great this service really is.

To generate more followers on Twitter, you simply need to search for other members with similar interests to the types of products you are selling. Are you trying to sell eBooks about freelance web design? Start following people with “web design” in their profile. This method of getting friends works with virtually much any product or service.

In a nutshell Twitter Marketing is very easy once you get the hang of it and have established a long list of followers. All things considered it is probably the cheapest and simplest way to drive targeted traffic to your sites, ads and affiliate offers.

Article by Adam Turner of Dynumo interactive studios.