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Ulster Bank has €1.2 Billion to Lend to Businesses

Ulster Bank has €1.2 Billion set aside to lend to businesses of all sizes seeking to grow and expand their businesses. Business confidence is growing, demand is increasing and more business people are coming to the Bank to discuss their 2014 plans.

The bank said that there is evidence of business confidence growing, demand is increasing and more businesses are coming to branches to discuss their 2014 plans.

“In 2014 we are delighted to have E1.2billion available to help Irish business as the real drivers of growth, employment and confidence in our economy. We know that many of our business customers view 2014 as a key year in terms of implementing growth plans, from introducing new products and services to expansion overseas and hiring additional employees. Access to funding is essential to ensuring they are able to fulfill these ambitions,” said Ken Murnaghan, Head of Business Banking, Ulster Bank.

In addition to the E1.2billion available for business, Ulster Bank will host a series of support and networking events “Ahead for Business” to help companies in planning for 2014 and beyond.

“Our teams are looking forward to hosting “Ahead for Business” events at a number of locations countrywide. We intend to use these series to help local businesses develop their ideas, spark new concepts and highlight the suite of supports we provide to companies of all sizes,” said Mr Murnaghan.

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