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Use your website to increase Sales

Fusion Accounts was the first to cross the Rubicon and offer insight and help to Peter Nolan of Rubicon Healthcare with its new website challenge.

For those of you who are not familiar with Fusion Accounts it is an online bookkeeping and accounting system. It’s recently been working on improving visits to the website and it monitors this via Google Analytics. 

From FusionAccounts blog: We’ve started a new online Marketing Campaign combining various different strategies such as banner advertising, email marketing, YouTube and social networking.  Our team created a short, funny YouTube video to test YouTube and viral marketing.   We’ve also been testing strategies on our homepage to improve bounce rates.

Simple changes

We’ve just started our campaign so hopefully in the coming weeks you’ll see some of our efforts online.  From what we’ve gathered so far, you can definitely improve the traffic to your website with a few simple changes.

If you haven’t already done so, check out Google’s keyword tool :

This will allow you to choose a few keywords that your customers are searching for.  Now implement these across your website.  Especially in page titles, descriptions and headers.  Our keywords include ‘online accounting software’, ‘online bookkeeping software’, ‘small business management software’

Start promoting your website in Facebook and Twitter.  Start engaging with your customers online. Talk to them, get feedback and make changes based on this feedback.  Direct your customers to your website when talking to them.

Ask for the sale

Now you’ve got some traffic going to your website, don’t be afraid to start selling to them. If you’re proud of your product or service, don’t be too shy to ask for the sale!  Use “Calls to action” such as “buy now” or “open an account today”.  If you sell a service and you’re thinking; “How can I sell that online?” – Package the service, brand it, box it, whatever!  At least offer the option to start the sales process from your website.  Ask the user to “Click here to get a free consultation” or “enter your contact details and a consultant will contact you.”  You could add a quotes engine in which case a user can get an estimate for the service they require, you can then chase them after this.

You’re website is cheap to run, powerful, global and open 24hours a day so if you’re not utilising it, maybe you should start doing do.

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