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Value the proposition

A look of puzzlement often appears on a clients’ face when these two words are first mentioned.

Shall I make it simple for you?

1. What is it?
Put simply – it’s a statement of what value your product or service will offer for the consumer [be they a business or an individual – they are consuming what you’re offering];
2. Why do I need to know anything about it?
Because it will ensure you can communicate clearly to the consumer why they should choose your product or service – what the tangible deliverables are;
3. Where does it fit in the business?
Normally a key feature of business and marketing strategy, your Value Proposition synchronises with your business model, objectives and values… it needs to be clear and concise.

On top of these three pointers, your Value Proposition can set you apart from competition, keep your business goals in check, and ensure you deliver!

Still not sure? Why not do some homework on the big brands – what’s their Value Proposition? How does it interact with their brand and business model?

Post by Olwen Dawe,