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Video Content and Its Role in the Marketing Funnel

Marketers are becoming savvier when it comes to using video. Many will be aware of the big impact videos are making but do they know how to produce ones that are effective for their business? As this infographic from One Productions outlines, 90% of customers find video help when making buying decisions.

The reason video is growing seems logical. Customers generally do not want to read blocks of text and find videos far more effective way to get information quickly. However, it isn’t as easy as just producing any old video, and marketers need to know which video to use at every stage of the buyer funnel.

Understanding each stage of the buyer funnel takes a bit of work but it is worth taking the time to get it right. For example, many people will remember the Volvo Trucks video with Jean Claude Van Damme, which became a viral sensation and amassed over 86 million views on YouTube since 2013. However, if you’re at the bottom of the funnel, a different video is required entirely. Find out more information about what video to use at each stage of the buyer funnel in the infographic.

Video Content & It’s Role in the Marketing Funnel