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Video The Ultimate Marketing Tool

The digital revolution is upon us. In a very short space of time, social networking, smart phones and free video platforms have become integral to our daily lives. Communication is instant, distance is irrelevant and almost anyone, no matter how elusive, is reachable.

It is little wonder then that video has become the most powerful marketing tool available. Most businesses today consider it important to have video on their website but the potential goes far beyond the front page. In fact video can be used almost everywhere one is active on digital media, Google maps, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, e-mail, the list goes on.

Presenting a human side

One of the key reasons that video is so important is that it presents a human side that no other medium can match. The world of Digital Media is enormous and in most cases very impersonal. It is hard for interested parties to get a feel for who is behind the service or product. Video, especially well made video, is the ideal tool to overcome these issues.

Another major benefit to having a video is if you are relying on others to represent your interests. Let’s take the likes of Enterprise Ireland. They have embassies all over the world with the sole purpose of promoting Irish business. This is a fantastic service but how much more effective would it be if they were armed with a succinct compelling video about your company?

This also applies if you are sending a weighty proposal or business plan out and hoping to sell your concept on the back of it. Put yourself in the position of the buyer or investor for a moment. They probably receive multiple documents just like yours everyday. Chances are they consider all that reading a chore. Now imagine how much better your chances will be if you send your cutting edge video along with your proposal.

Take an example

As you can see, the uses for video are very diverse. I could go on but thought it a better idea to give you examples, I have posted some below.

The first was created for a new online newspaper called

Their video is designed to attract greater readership and increase brand awareness. We wanted to get the essence of the newspaper across. We are now actively posting the video onto Facebook, Linkedin, and a number of business websites. The video will also accompany any funding applications that Newswhip apply for.

The second clip was created for Redwind Software. The goal with this one is for it to act as a sales tool with international advertising agencies. We wanted them to come across as talented, dedicated, professional and strong in the area of design. Their video is also designed to attract investment and is being promoted by their business mentors to their various contacts.

The third clip has multiple uses. It is made primarily for master sales trainer Ronan McNamara to promote his sales training offerings to new clients and sell his new book to individuals and organisations. Ronan’s clients include some of the top sales organisations in Ireland. This video will help in the process of attracting bookings from new clients. It will also help him get media coverage. It will soon be sent out to journalists and radio researchers along with a press release. The video will act as a testimony to his knowledge, passion and expertise on the subject. Ronan is currently rebuilding his website, his campaign will kick in once it is ready, (you’ve seen it here first folks).

That’s it for now. Hope I have helped to open your eyes to some of the possibilities. Please feel free to contact me or visit our website should you like to know more about how video marketing can help your business.