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Vision ID hiring thanks to demand for ‘COW’

Co Tipperary technology firm Vision ID is expanding its workforce from 21 to 25 thanks to strong demand for its new wireless Computer on Wheels (COW).

Vision ID linked up with UK-based product designers RPD to provide the units which encompass all the components of a desk in a moveable, ergonomic workstation.

Aimed at the manufacturing and pharma sectors, the COW has received “rave reviews” so far from the likes of EMC and Janssen Biologics, according to sales director for Vision ID Cathal Murtagh.

Each COW is tailored and configured to the individual customer’s requirements and is adaptable to meet their changing needs.

“Clients are looking for big screen data capture and data entry on a mobile workstation for on-the-job applications of inputting information into an ERP systems such as SAP or an MES (manufacturing execution system). The screen size of a typical mobile computer is unsuitable to accommodate such work,” Murtagh explained.

“Our COW offers a wireless solution around the factory floor, using real time communication through Wi-Fi on a choice of thin client, touch computer, laptop or full desktop PC.

“Because a ‘standard’ PC can be used on the move, this will potentially save a lot of time and expense in the life sciences industry, as generally, full validation of the solution is not required.”

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