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Wanted: Help

We’ll send the eZine out a couple of times a week until we clear the backlog of questions asked over the summer. We may as well cover them under the Pillars of Growth.

First Money Questions

Here’s a continuation of a long thread on getting paid on time. Throughout the thread is a long list of excuses being used to delay payment. The latest excuse goes like this: ‘Although I haven’t paid you in a gazillion days, your last shipment was 2.5 days late and this has cost me thousands…what are you going to do about it?’ If anyones going through the difficulty of getting paid, please share insights and join this important conversation.

If you’re having difficulty in getting paid by Government also let us know. The British and Irish Governments claim to have streamlined payments for SMEs. Anecdotal evidence suggests that you can still grow old waiting…

Still with Government, we’re looking for people to contribute on State funding that’s available out there. To say there’s confusion seems to be an understatement. If anyone knows what’s currently available with grants, innovation vouchers even tax reliefs to raise seed funding, please let us know. Just start adding to this thread.

Export Marketing

We’re probably going to organise a series of offline events dedicated to exports. In the first instance, we’re looking for people to really ramp export related blogs. Any experiences you have, any tips…anything! on exports that may be helpful to another SME, let us have them. If we get enough and if the quality of the articles are good enough, we will put them together in a book or guide and give all contributors full credit. We may also ask contributors to sit on panels throughout the country and we’ll do a major old fashioned PR campaign that should get your names in the paper. So export related BLOGS HERE!

Marketing opportunity for photographers here, maybe?

The hunt for good cost effective and unique images for websites and brochures is never ending (it’s why we went the oompa loompa route). A contributor was asking for good libraries and there’s some good suggestions. However, we’re saying that if any photographers — pros or amateurs — want to load images up on, we’ll ‘host’ them so that other members can use; the only criteria is that the user has to give full credit to the photographer.

If we see this kicking off, we’ll do something more formal and may host a prize for the best pic…or something!

Management Job Opportunities

This is interesting. There’s been a few posts offering job opportunities for members. Here’s a couple of examples: This one’s looking for a CEO with sales experience: ‘I’ve helped to recently relaunch a National Distributor to the Irish Hospitality Industry. We have a number of ground-breaking cost saving systems which provide a simple effective way for hotels/restaurants to cut costs and increase efficiencies (quantifiable savings). Existing high profile hotel and restaurant customers to date.

We would love to hear from people who would like to take over the CEO position (providing hands-on sales input) and also invest to help expand (generous equity stake available). We would also be grateful for any ideas from members as to how best to get the word out with regard to the above position. We have put an advert with and considering advertising in Hotel & Restaurant Times (eZine). I have contacted the Sales Institute but they don’t promote opportunities directly to their members. I am considering contacting Outplacement Providers as this might suit someone with strong sales experience recently made redundant and looking for an opportunity in which to help make a massive success.

Exclusivity on a range of products, which are patented, and provide huge savings in Operating Overheads, e.g., Labour, Utilities (Energy & Water), Effluent Waste, etc., within the Catering & Hospitality Industry. These systems excel in efficiency improvements and have proven cost saving benefits when compared to other widely used methods in hotels bars, restaurants, etc.’

And this one is for a partner in a self storage business opportunity in the UK:

‘I am currently looking at purchasing a Self Storage business in the UK. Everything seems quite strong with the business and I am visiting it later this month. I have not done something like this before and I will be looking for some creative options regarding Finance and Ownership structures. The numbers seem very strong and if the deal stacks up I will be moving in on it (most likely with a partner). This is basically an open post to anyone who has interest/experience in the industry as I am looking to make contact and Im very open to possible spit deals/equity , etc., etc. Have SS experience? Give us a shout and see what sticks!’

The author of this thread signs off with a great motivational quote
Why not!

And here’s some more motivation from Drogheda where the locals seem to be taking control of their own futures…not a politician in sight!

More at the end of the week!