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Waste its everywhere! The EasyDeals Story

From phonebooks you never use and flyers you never read to free ad magazines on the train and bus. Letterboxes, train floors and trash bins are full of wasted promotional material. It often seems the less you read the more promotional material is sent out! This wasteful concept of promotion has been proven to have less and less effect on modern consumers.

There has to be a better way? This was the question asked by Des Martin and Andrew Mullaney, the founders of After a brief holiday Andrew’s letterbox was so full of phone books, directories and flyers that his real post was going missing.

EasyDeals was born

How do you take this outdated and wasteful method of promotion and improve it for the times we live in? It’s a well researched fact that direct mail response statistics are less than 1%. Nobody bothers to show interest in your offer more than 99% of the time. A big wasted cost for today’s cash-strapped Irish business.

Now imagine you could get a potential customer of yours to show interest 97% of the time in what you’re offering. A fantasy! Well proven research conducted by the reputable Kelsey Group has shown that ‘nearly all online consumers (97 percent) now use online media when researching products, services or offers, in their local area.’

Target promotional spend

So target you’re promotional spend and get the hottest prospects to take interest in your offer.

Help is at hand to complement your other promotional media, one that people can seek out on their laptop and mobile phone. Particularly while they are looking for the products or service you offer. This targeted and low cost promotional service is available through And it cuts out all the wasted paper and trees. Lower your carbon footprint and at the same time attract more customers for less. has grown exponentially over the last three months and now has almost of 20,000 visitors and in excess of 60,000 page views per month. The owners expect this traffic to have doubled by September 2010.

Chopping the waste

Successful companies learn to chop waste out of the system. Companies that survive and thrive in the current economic climate will find new ways to do the old things better. This combined with a possible tax on flyers and free ads magazines means the market is changing. 

Use your promotions to get noticed online. Make it measurable and see the results.

For business owners that want to avail of this service visit If you click the ‘Join Now’ button in the top right you will be given three options. The first of these is to join for free.