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We risk being squashed by elephants, a response from an ant

We risk being squashed by all these elephants. The Belfast Telegraph just published an article about all the elephants such as Germany, public service wages, Eurozone, deficits, Anglo (and I am sure we can come up with a few more) squashing us all.

The flea and the elephant
Which reminded me of a book I read a long time ago called “The flea and the elephant” by Charles Handy. The book was way ahead of its time, and talked about the flexible, free agent moving outside the big corporations. A combination of “Poke the box” by Seth Godin and “killing giants” by Stephen Denny.

There is also is a book called “the ant and the elephant” which is about the intentional (the ant) and unintentional (elephant) mind and we need to control the elephant to become good managers.

I am getting sick and tired of the elephant thinking (double meaning, but mainly referring to the doom and gloom). Here is the good news. If you are a flea or an ant, it is difficult of the elephant to step on you. You are too small and too fast. Most of us are moving at the scale of the ants. Yes, elephants as described in the Belfast Telegraph article are an nuisance and you need to watch for the looming shadow, but they should NOT consume all our thinking (or our media).

Some bad analogies
As ants we should think about which other ants we should and could work with, how we can all work together as ants, where to fly out to for our next nest, etc. I am trying to come up with some nice analogies, with obvious little success. You get the point though.

Remember Indiana Jones and the crystal skull? When the ants pulled a human into their nest (he was German). I bet they could do that with an elephant too.

Smallbusinesscan is one of these ant nests. Join the army of ants and lets eat an elephant.

PS: If you do get stepped on by the elephant, the death is quick.

Post by Ron Immink,