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We’re looking for writers!

The SBC blog is becoming really popular. 24,000 people looked in on it in January. As the kids would say ‘unreal’. This traffic is great for everyone. The companies that write the blogs are getting great publicity. A lot of those reading the blogs end up registering so we get new blood on the site with new ideas and insights. And it keeps our SEO rankings high.

We want to move from updating the blog once a day to at least twice. So keep the articles and insights coming. Make sure that you give details so that we can link back to your own site or blog and hopefully generate more traffic for you. Send what you have to Only criteria: the piece has to be useful to other businesspeople.

Smallbusinesscan’s facebook page

Still trying to figure out if facebook is useful to businesspeople. We’ve been using some of the techniques that people are posting on smallbusinesscan and have noticed a lot more traffic. Smallbusinesscan’s facebook page has 800 or so friends now which we’re told isn’t bad for a wet weekend of work. If you haven’t already,  give our page the thumbs up and share it with your network.

Sense of community

Speaking of our network. Make sure you accept all your friends requests (or reject them) on the site over the next couple of weeks. There’s a good chance we’ll end up wiping out the ‘pending approval’ database when we port to the new site. When you log on, go into ‘Community’ and click the ‘Friends’ tag. ‘Pending approval’ is the last one on the Friends menu. Remember you have to be logged on to see the additional functionality under ‘Community’.

While we’re on the topic of ‘logging on’ can you again make sure that you know your user name and password. If you’ve lost them and don’t want to register again let us know. We’re going the facebook route with the new site and, apart from the blog, you will need to log on to get access to content and functionality etc.

Reality bites

Now that the election in the ROI is over, we will be dragged back into the reality of the situation here with a bang.  On top of the relentless bad news about sectors of the economy we know about, those sectors that we have high hopes for are also badly under performing.

Exports – far from being the shining light (as us mugs heralded in our eZine at the start of the year)  are atrocious when compared with our European partners, according to new figures by Eurostat. Ireland is up 5% compared with a European average in the mid teens. If any of you had a sales director come in and say ‘our figures are up 5% but our competitors are up by 15 and 20%’, what would you do?

Tourism numbers for 2010 are also pretty dreadful…down by about 17%, according to figures for 2010 by the European travel commission.  And the really terrible thing: all other European countries are showing increases in visitor numbers..up to 20%. So the tourists are visiting. Only they’re not coming here. If the sales director in your tourism business came and said ‘we’re not getting the numbers but its down to a global recession’…what would you do?

We’re also putting up some stats on the blog about the NI economy which suggests turbulent times ahead for all on this island.

All we can do is stick together and as business people help each other out. So if you know someone that can benefit from the collaboration that happens on smallbusinesscan, pass this on and send them details of the site.


You didn’t think that we’d end on that really negative note did you? Have a look at this: stories which show the way.