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What a lot of old blogs!

Wasn’t the show last Monday night brilliant? It was on RTE – don’t know if NI got it.

To be fair these people are at the top of their game. No doubt about it. It shows that hard work, dedication, attention to detail and passion – my God the passion they had – will bring you to the top.

As SMEs we can learn a lot from these people!

And wasn’t  it great to see Eminem back on top of his game with another well deserved Grammy. And Lady Gaga… what can you say! Can’t wait for the Oscars.

Oh yeah there was another show on the other channel.


The Debate

The leaders debate. I suppose you can’t really fault those performances. They all want jobs to be created. There was broad agreement on reforming the political system. And no doubt they all want world peace. Can’t wait for the next debate when they tell us HOW!

Speaking of blagging, there’s some really interesting articles after building up on the site’s blog over the past year or so. Here’s a lazy list.  (and ‘just’  pointing at them is a really really lazy way of ‘writing’ this weeks eZine.)

Here’s the passionate Paul Davis talking about the secret sauce that makes successful businesspeople. Passion.

And when the passion runs out, here’s Paul Brady talking about the pre-nup.

You could pick your partner like you would chose a marketing consultant.

Or maybe you’re into doing the business online: tweeting; facebooking; linking and blogging. Plenty of insights here. (Clicking on the word that’s underlined brings you into the article – an online technique!)


Death & Taxes

After the passion there’s only 2 certainties – death… and taxes.

But there’s always laughter…. have a look at the jokes thread. There’s quite a few good ones that have built up over the while…

Go on pretend its Friday!