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What do you call a male chicken?

We haven’t done a 4Ms for a while. Had a root around the site and found some interesting stuff on Money, Marketing, Management and Motivation.

Money makes the world go round

Here’s a developing thread about start up funding. Dave McCarthy is moving into the tourism business and is looking for some help.  According to Dave ‘We would welcome advice from any individuals currently in the Tourism area, particularly online business, in terms of current challenges, marketing best practices etc.. ..’. He’s started a thread and is getting great input on bank funding, cash-flow management, EU grants, property rental. Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs from this thread and from having a gander at the start up centre. If there’s any one out there that can throw in their Tu’ppence worth….

And if anyone knows anything about getting a non profit funded, David is looking for some assistance here.  Great piece of advice from Tony Harent at the end of this thread: ‘ In my opinion, no matter what funding you are seeking the provider of those funds will want to know what sort of return you will provide whether in monetary terms or by way of some other ‘softer’ return. So you should make sure your Business Plan reflects this and that you write it from a Funder / Investor / Lender perspective so it has the best possible chance of success.’

Still on funding. Here’s something innovative– A new venture in Ireland to help people with creative ideas and projects raise money to put their ideas into action. The concept is known as crowd-funding, and it is a new way to raise finance for creative people, groups or organisations. Great idea.

Customer relationship marketing

Microsoft Ireland has published a report called “Managing Customers for Growth – CRM Usage in Ireland”. It’s based on survey responses from over 400 Irish SME’s and asks them questions about how they manage their customers. It includes interviews with Tom Trainor the CEO of the Irish Marketing Institute, Mervyn O’Shaughnessy, CEO of the Irish Sales Institute and Krishna De who is an award winning digital marketing, brand-engagement and social media speaker all with good insights and advice on how to effectively manage customers. There’s a link on the thread where you can download the report for free.

Can you manage customers more effectively using SMS and texting?  Good article on the blog on getting more from your mobile phone. And another one here which asks: Is mobile part of your marketing strategy? One more on phones here. Peter Fry asks: Does my business need an app? For a lot of businesses probably not?

Anyone motivated by the election?

If anyone has info on the SME policies of the various political parties in then ROI, let us know.  We’re also happy to give a platform if candidates want to tell us what they intend doing for the SME sector?  List of questions for the various candidates here. Please feel free to contribute.

Management starts at the top

Speaking of leadership. Blaise Brosnan has a great blog where he says: Great leaders become leaders to achieve something, not to be someone. Leadership can and must happen at all levels of your business. You must listen and understand your people. You must show them the light and what the value of their “slice contribution” to the business is.’  Politicians could learn a thing or two from this.

And finally, what do you call a male chicken?