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What Google AdWords can do for YOU

Google AdWords advertising can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. However, like any weapon, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it can cost you dearly.

Google AdWords begins, like all website marketing with keyword research. You need to ask yourself, what words, are your potential customers searching on right now, to find products and services you supply?

Advertise globally

You also need to know who your potential customers are. Simply answer right? Well not necessarily… With Google AdWords you can advertise globally if you wish. Or within very specific geographical areas. On first consideration global advertising might appeal… You may have aspirations of selling your products in Australia but, you have to ask yourself, is this practical. For most, probably not and with Google AdWords you can be as specific as you wish so for example you could choose to advertise within 50Km of the GPO on O’Connell Street, or just in Dublin 12, or Munster etc etc.

So if you have done your research and you now know which words you want to advertise on and where you want you adverts to show you can start to create your Google AdWords account. When you begin to do this you are confronted with lots of options, all for you to assist in making your adverts the most relevant and appealing to be shown to your target customers.

For example:

(1)You have control over which words and combination of words trigger you Ads

(2) You can list what are called negative keywords that if searched on, will prevent you adverts from triggering. For example if you are a kitchen tile company, you could have the negative keyword “bathroom” to prevent your advert for showing when someone types in the word bathroom

(3) You can show your ads at specific times of the day. For example you are a craft butchers and you have noticed you get a spike in traffic following Masterchef Ireland being on the television. With Google Adwords you can choose to run your adverts for 2 hours following the program, or dedicate more of your budget to this time of the day

(4) You can maintain total control over your Advertising spend. No nasty surprises at the end of the month as you set a daily budget

(5) You can see in near real time what works and what doesn’t and make proactive changes accordingly. And if you link your site with Google Analytics you can then see exactly how someone who arrives on your website from a Google AdWords ad, how they interact with your site. In other words you can accurately profile your AdWords visitors and see specifically which Adwords and which keywords get you the most conversions and use this information to further improve your advertising.

(6) It is a great research tool. If you want to test the market you can set up Adwords and see what words people are clicking on. These metrics are useful not only to improve your future AdWords advertising, but also to help you optimise your website.

and finally….

(7) Google AdWords is a great way to get in front of your Customers quickly. Where Organic Search Engine Optimisation might be considered a long term strategy to get your site ranked high in search engines, AdWords gets you noticed fast. To an extent money talks so you can pay to be seen in the top sponsored listings in the search engine results pages.

I opened this post with a warning. The above points are all positive, however if you are not familiar with Google AdWords and its intricacies using AdWords can be very expensive with you attracting the wrong type of visitors to your site.

The solution?

  • Learn – there are plenty of online resources and if time allows read up and you can make AdWords work for you
  • Retain – find a Google AdWords Professional to set up and manage your campaigns
  • Stay away – going back to this being a dangerous weapon… Unless you have money to throw away I would not recommend taking the AdWords plunge unless you or someone you get to do AdWords knows what they are doing.

In summary – Google AdWords is powerful, very powerful and can boost your website traffic and drive very targeted people to your site but if you don’t follow best practise and manage your account properly the only thing you will achieve is making Google richer.

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