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What is a Great Leader?

Great leaders become leaders to achieve something, not to be someone. Leadership can and must happen at all levels of your business. You must listen and understand your people. You must show them the light and what the value of their “slice contribution” to the business is.

It’s this identity and ownership of their critical contribution towards the defined destination which is the real motivator. No person is an island. We all want to be part of a movement towards a desired direction. Leaders give their followers this ownership. Leaders must be optimistic and be absolutely clear where they are and where they are headed. Leaders don’t create followers. The potential followers need to know and trust that their leader knows where he / she are going and then they decide if they want to climb on board or not.

Leaders don’t have all the answers but they do know the right questions to ask. Leaders ask the right questions and facilitate their followers to work out their own answers in a way that’s real for them in their own heads. Leaders tend to drive through virgin territory and thus often stumble, but they get up and keep going forward.

They strive to make new mistakes and adjust their route based on factual analysis. They ride change rather than try to control it. Within the macro evolving situation, they readjust their own compass and keep nibbling towards their goal in a forward direction. Leadership cannot be learned from reading a book. You must get out there and feel the wind in your face. Everything in life has a price tag attached to it.

You have to decide if the value of reaching your desired destination is worth the initial pain of the required inputs you must put in. If you are not going forward you are either spinning on the spot or you are going backwards. Think of a leader from your past who stimulated you to have a go. Can you in turn learn from that leader and repeat the privilege for others. Few of us are natural leaders; most of us are natural followers. Can you beat this natural order and lead your people to the defined destination. Paint that future vision for them. Get them to see and feel it and they will voluntary become part of the defined mission.