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What the twitter is going on?!

Remember way back when when we were innocent and our politicians were not as guilty as they are today, we had the telegram. The telegram got important messages to people who had no phones, which was nearly everybody. You went to a post office. They took down your message on a little pad. You were paying by the letter, so the messages tended to be short…very short. The post office then rang the nearest post office to the person you wanted to get the message to. The receiving post office took the message down on an official ‘telegram’ pad and it was delivered in person. Hey Presto. It was a very civilised medium.

And now we have Twitter, a place where inane thoughts are put into sound bites and then telegraphed to the world, as if the world cared. But then again, just as the telegram was a way of getting important messages to people, so to is Twitter. Well we’re hoping! And we’re trying! Here’s some important messages we’ve put out on this modern telegraph sysrtem in the last week. If you can help, click on the links below;

Help wanted!

• Customer service complaint about a Sherrif. Tricky? Any suggestions welcome.
• Company looking to outsource a range of up-coming T-Shirt designs. Any advice?
Are there any small businesses accepting credit cards that can advise on all of the costs involved?
• SBC member is looking for recommendations for an iPhone app developer.
• Recruitment company looking for local coordinators to find families for Au Pairs. Can you offer insights? Can you help?
• Where’s PEPPOL? What’s PEPPOL? Can anyone help us find PEPPOL? He/she/is gone missing.
• Are you a budding food entrepreneur? Here’s a programme for you.

We also tweeted (twittered?) about presentation skills, exporting to France, time management,, press releases, negotiation skills, change management, etc. ,etc. All these link to blogs that you have written. (We are always looking for more. Submit you blog here.

Something to Twit (tweet?) about
We have some announcements as well this week (which we will twit (tweet?) about

Our partners in Bord Bia have just launched a new initiative for start up food entrepreneurs; details you can find here. We will start featuring some of those promising foodpreneurs.

Talking about featuring, if you’re a new business less than two years old, you might want to Join the eircom Start Up group and get free publicity and a professional video. Log on to and register your interest. Again we will feature these hidden gems on Smallbusinesscan.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter. Tweet, twit, twitter about the newsletter, tweet, twit or twitter us an issues, question, comment or insight. Lets make this a bigger twitfest that it already is.