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Who would you like to meet in the UK?

As we are focussing more and more on export and our business live events, we will start featuring organisations that can give you practical help in breaking in to foreign markets. Starting with Great Britain.

Nearly 30 billion is traded between Ireland and UK, making England our biggest trade partner. It is odd that the focus is so much on the USA and the USA diaspora.

I take a bet you have not heard of the IIBN ( Would you like to meet Jonathan Grey, the CEO of Ovation Incentive, Conor Foley, CEO, WorldSpreads, Colman Lydon, President, Fonepool, Stephen O’Connor, Chairman, The Underwriters Exchange, Frank Salmon, CEO, CMS Peripherals, Aine McGuire, Managing Director, Scraperwiki, Billy Harkin, CEO, QucomHaps, Dermot Rowan, Managing Director, Orla Kiely, Rosaleen Blair, Founder & CEO, Alexander Mann, Maurice Landers< Director, Failte 32, David Walsh, Managing Director, Netwatch Systems, Pat O’Connell, Managing Director, Conall Group, Mary Rodgers, CEO, Stateside Solutions, Joe Hogan, Founder and COO, Openet, Paul Kerley, Founder and former CEO, Norkom, Kevin Ryan, CEO,, Brian Conlon, Founder and CEO, First Dervivates, Pat Brazel, CEO, Zignals to name but a few.

All operating in the UK, all part of the Diaspora, all willing to help to open doors and help you enter the UK market (and maybe further afield).

There is an opportunity to meet them and other on the 11th of November at the IIBN Annual Global conference. If you are trading with the UK, or thinking of trading with the UK you might consider shaking some hands that day…….

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