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Why Small Business Can is supporting Business Women Can? The UK perspective.

 A few days we posted a blog about research into women in business in the USA. Statistics from the UK paint the same picture. Both in education and in workforce. Below are the statiistics.

Women in Education

58% per cent of the undergraduate degrees in 2010/11 were obtained by women, including:

69 per cent of language degrees;

62 per cent of law degrees;

60 per cent of medicine & dentistry degrees;

and 51 per cent of business & administration degrees.

Women in the workforce

Women now account for 46 per cent of the total UK workforce, up from 37 per cent in 1972.








Women and Earning power

In 1997, the average female employee earned 17 per cent less than the average male one.  That gap has now fallen to 10.5 per cent. The under-30s actually earn 2.5 per cent more than their male counterparts.









If these trends continue, children will grow up in society where the majority of doctors are women, where being female means you will do better at school, where most businesses are owned by women.


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