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Win a Samsung Omnia 7 Smartphone

Microsoft Ireland needs your help! As you may or may not know Microsoft has taken the lead in the whole area of cloud computing and our organisation worldwide is now putting its shoulder to the cloud computing wheel. It’s really only been a year since the phrase “cloud technology” has invaded our airwaves but we’re wondering whether people really understand what it means. Watching smallbusinesscan over the past months, we can see what a vibrant, honest and collaborative community you have so we’re hoping you’ll share some of your innermost thoughts with us.

In preparation for the launch of Microsoft Office 365 (our new cloud offering), we would like to find out what you think and understand about cloud technology. To encourage you we are offering a Samsung Omnia 7 Smartphone (worth about €300) to one lucky person who completes the survey. And if enough people are interested, we will do some web conferences/Q&A for SBC members with free advice from our experts and partners. Thank you all in advance for your help! PS – winner will be announced Thursday 26th May.

To complete the survey go here.