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Winning Matters

Winning matters but is it everything and should it be pursued at all costs? To win you must do more than just try your best…afterall there is no consolation in trying but coming second. Winning is more than a state of mind, its more than being ruthless and more than just dominating a market with sheer size.

To be a real winner you need to:

  • Develop skills beyond your competitors,
  • Create firm foundations that are embraced throughout your organisation,
  • Evolve and recreate yourself and your product or service to meet new challenges, and
  • Be seen to be the best.

But with sales and bidding it’s not enough to win once and never again – this will not help grow your business, create stability, or establish you in the marketplace. Becoming a consistent winner is a skill that can be learnt- it takes an understanding of the sales process and how bidding sits within it. Once you have the basics its practice, practice, practice…

We’ve already talked about How to Make Value Statements ( and Preparing is the Key ( These are constituent parts of the long established and far reaching AIDA sales formula:

A is for Attention

Get your prospect’s attention immediately and hold it- first impressions count! Tell them up front what they can expect from working with you or using your product. Link it to SMART values and make it time related if possible, “…within 2 weeks of appointment we will…” or “…by the end of 10 weeks you will be able to…”

I is for Interest

you have their attention but it won’t last forever so don’t lose their interest. The main body of your bid needs to address the issues and resultant challenges with a solution. You will need to take your prospect on a journey of discovery until he can see the eventual outcome.

D is for Desire

Building desire is part of the storytelling. Having shown the route to success for the project in hand you need to show where you have done it before, what the outcome was and how the client benefitted. Help your client to see how your solution might work for him and encourage him to think, “…if you can do it for them, you can do it for me…!”

A is for Action

This is a little harder in a bidding process but not impossible. Whilst the client will stick with their timescales for deliberation you can influence the eventual decision. SMART values are so powerful- they help you to identify the actions, how they will be carried out, any limitations that might apply, and when they will be done.

The call for action is so important in sales and bidding as it creates a visual image in the mind of the reader, “…in a year’s time, by doing [so-and-so] we will have achieved…” or more really, “…I can’t wait and I want it now..!”

Influencing the way your prospect thinks can be achieved in a number of ways; showing your product or demonstrating your service, giving examples of how others have benefitted so they can visualise the value it will bring, and most importantly, being excited in what you do or sell. Use the excitement and tone of your bid as the subliminal influencer to capture your audience- we all love being around people who are so captivated by what they are doing and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Achieve this and you’ll find that just as with celebrities or sports personalities, people will want to be around you, work with you and share in your success and the path to winning begins…why not share your success story by commenting on these thoughts?

Top Tip

Use every opportunity to say why you are the best, how you have done it before and what the client can expect from you- and importantly how you will bring benefit to them.