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Working the Green Economy – Event happening in June

Working the Green Economy is two-day event (17 & 18th June) for those interested in working and trading in Ireland’s emerging green and social innovation sector. Featuring insights from green leaders at the top of their game, to stories from stellar start-ups taking the world by storm, Working the Green Economy will showcase the greEntrepreneurs that represent the cutting edge of this country’s innovation and job creation potential.

Each day addresses several core issues over multiple spaces providing a fair-type feel where attendees can explore the best content, advice and contacts for their next career move. From sourcing start-up or expansion funds to learning about new sustainable business models; from discovering new green-tech innovations and strategies to the market potential of green procurement; Working the Green Economy will help attendees get to work while showing how the green economy will work for them.


Event aim?

To inspire, encourage and support the recent unemployed to start their own green or social enterprise or consider working for one.

Who should attend?

  • People considering a career in the Green Economy
  • Companies who provide green products and services
  • Companies providing their products and services in a green way
  • Companies looking at going green
  • Active and would be social entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to explore the business case for sustainability

Who/what will be there?

  • GreEntrepreneurs, policy makers, kaos pilots, social innovators
  • Thoughtleaders, business owners, funders, and trainers
  • Cutting edge techniques, tools and technologies for sustainability
  • Networking opportunities and spaces
  • Inspiration, collaboration and participation

We’re are putting out an open invitation to businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs and jobseeker to come in the GreenHouse on Andrews street to learn, network, connect and be inspired. Admission is free and is open to anyone interested in meeting the SME’s operating in the Green Economy.

If you’d like to exhibit or you have a story you’d like to share please don’t hesitate to contact Daragh Anglim,