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Writing a good application

A whole ago, Ron and Fionan recored a number of videos as part of a series of our knowledge centre for start ups. This might help with your entry for the business achievers

Writing business plans, persuasion documents, loan submissions, tenders, business competition…are a hard slog. Hours of blood, sweat and tears. When you finally get your work of art finished and before you submit, do yourself a favour – ask an outsider, an expert, a potential client to review what you have created. Urge them to rip it apart and tear it to shreds. All with the intent of making the plan as good as it should be. Whatever you do, try to take a step back, create some distance, take a helicopter view and look at:

  • The way it is presented.
  • The proposition itself; if you were neutral; would you buy, finance, invest?
  • The proof that you will be able to do what is says on the tin.
  • Is the executive summary compelling.
  • If you would mark between F and A+ what would it be? Anything below A needs to go back to the drawing board.¬†Only then can you wipe up the blood, sweat and tears.

This year we tried to make the application for Business Achievers a lot easier. You can download it here.

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