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Writing Guide

Hello and welcome fellow small business blog enthusiast! We are delighted you have shown an interest in writing for Small Business Can.

Please read the following guidelines before submitting a post:

  • We will only publish content that is relevant to an Irish/UK audience.
  • We will only publish content that we feel is relevant to our audience; small business related topics, tips, news, features, start-up stories, business events, etc.
  • You must have ownership over the content you submit to Small Business Can.
  • Small Business Can takes no responsibility for the content submitted by authors through the Small Business Can content submission process.
  • You cannot post duplicated content. If we find that your post already exists at another web page it will not be published.
  • Because of copyright issues Small Business Can will select licensed stock imagery to accompany your post after you have submitted your post. That avoids us paying big fines for image infringement.
  • If you add images to your blog post they will be removed. (If you want to supply licensed stock photography or have permission to use an image with owners consent please let us know)
  • Small Business Can reserves the right to edit posts after they have been submitted. Edits may include (but not limited to) changes to post titles, content editing/restructuring/reformatting, removal of images etc.
  • You may also include a link to your website in the body text of your post where relevant. You can include additional links within your post but they must be relevant to the content. NO LINK STUFFING!

You can submit as many posts as you like. In fact the more posts you submit for review, the more likely you will be published. However, with so many submissions to review, Small Business Can does not guarantee that your blog post will ever be published.  Nor can we guarantee a date of publication. Your post will remain in a state of “Pending Review”. If your post is published, Small Business Can will notify you on the day of publication.

Why was my post not published?
We do not give any specific reasons as to why user generated posts are not published in the Small Business Can blog.

Common reasons why posts are not published include:

  1. Posts that are not relevant to UK/Irish audience
  2. Posts that do not have a business theme
  3. Poorly written or formatted posts
  4. Incorrect spelling, grammar etc.
  5. Duplicated posts

We do suggest that users read some of the existing posts on the Small Business Can blog in order to get a feel for what content we do publish. You may submit additional posts for review but again, we cannot guarantee these posts will be published.

If you have any questions you can e-mail Ron at or call on +353-85-1006307.

How to Submit a Post

1. Login or create a new user account. (if you have forgotten your username or password go here)

2. When you have logged in, hover over the “Posts” option from the left hand menu and select “Add New”.

3. You will be taken to the editor. Here you can submit your post. Give your post a title and type the contents of your post in the body text area.

Points to note:

  • Paragraphs should be 2-6 sentences in length
  • Try to include headers to break up the text
  • We will select the image to accompany your post after you have submitted your blog post
  • We will remove any images you add to the post

4. Once you are happy with your post click the “Submit for review” button from the right hand menu. Remember you can preview your post at any stage before submitting by clicking “Preview”.

5. Congratulations and thanks for submitting your blog post to Small Business Can! Again, you can submit as many blog posts as you wish. We will notify you on the day if your post is published. If you have any more questions, email Ron at or call +353-85-1006307.