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Xi who must be obeyed

It is Hugely significant that Ireland was honoured with such a high-powered delegation from China recently. A communist state with the benefit of being able to plan long-term,….. there is more to this visit that a “Hey, howdy-do”

It is also hugely significant that Ireland sits comfortably within the EU and Euro-zone, And we speak excellent English. I cannot guess the real reasons for this unique visit, but it must be exploited. It’s no surprise that Irish people are welcomed in China more readily than the English (the Chinese have long memories). The Chinese like the Irish, and like Irish products. Ireland, in contrast to China, is a very clean and organic place.

Yizhen Liu Coonan, who travelled with Xi Jinping (who is expected to be made the new President of China later this year), says that everyone in the delegation was impressed with what Ireland has to offer in terms of investment, but they are unsure of what they might invest in. SO TELL THEM.

Irish businesses need to be capitalising on this:

The Dairy Industry
The Chinese have recently discovered a taste for cheese (thanks mainly to that rubbery stuff McDonalds use in their sandwiches). Ireland should show the Chinese what real cheese tastes like. It’s a market ripe for the taking.

The Fishing Industry
Ireland has access to superb Atlantic fish. Fish, Shellfish, Seaweed, Octopus, (basically anything remotely edible).

The Chinese eat chicken feet like we eat chocolate. What we might consider waste product, the Chinese may have a demand for.

The Germans established a brewery in Qingdoa over a century ago, so they already have a taste for lager. Spirits are relatively new, but catching on. The likes of Bailey’s is popular.

Luxury Goods
There are literally millions of USD millionaires in China now (and a significant number of USD billionaires), and they want to display their wealth – they REALLY want to display their wealth. If you’re in the luxury goods sector, you should be looking at China as your number 1 market.

You’re talking about rich Chinese, so accommodation will be high-end; but they’ll want to experience peaceful, romantic Ireland (like it is in the postcards).

To help you prepare for doing business with the Chinese, there’s a book on the subject called “Prepare Yourself for China”.

You can buy it anywhere online. However, if you’re a member of Small Business Can, please contact me directly and I’ll send you a FREE digital copy to load onto your eReader. This isn’t an advert: believe me, you need to understand the Chinese if you want to work successfully with them.

Brian Bailie, Director at DUH Ltd, China Business Management, LinkedIn