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You Can Do It!

It has to be said – I’m a business geek. My wife and kids can’t stand it. Even on holiday, out for a meal, going shopping or just having a pint; I never stop looking at what people are doing with their businesses.

The truth be told, business ideas, stories, experiences, etc. have a GPS locked onto me. I can’t pass by a book, an ad, or switch TV channels without stopping to notice something about business. It’s my passion.

Business attention deficit

It’s also my survival instinct. I’m sometimes so into everything cool about business, that I develop a sort of business attention deficit. That’s bad, because the truth about business is that it is hard work when you’re trying to figure out everything yourself.

The overnight successes, the instant millionaires, etc. – it’s not real. It’s not the truth. The truth is the establishment of your idea as a product or service, and the continual battle to win customers and create revenue, hopefully larger than your expenses, and build some profit… that’s hard work.

Watching a business show like Dragons Den or The Apprentice is filled with them. Reading a success story or scouring the latest entrepreneur article keeps the fire burning, keeps me focused on the fact that I can’t just dream about business – I need to make it happen. The devil is in the detail, right?

King of your castle

But, then again, all work of any sort has that same devil plaguing it. The truth is, all jobs are work, and have a balance between the visionary/strategic and the everyday/tactical activities. But working for yourself, with some partners, etc. – at least you know what you’re working for, and at least you are the king of your castle.

If you are a business owner or solo-preneur, I bet sometimes that when you’re down in the slumps, you contemplate what it would be like going back and just receiving a monthly pay cheque with every weekend off. But trust me, you’ve forgotten what it was like – you are not missing anything!

There is so much noise around at the moment – people saying you have to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, networking, advertising, cold-calling, attending teleseminars, webinars, business conferences… the list goes on, let alone keeping the banks and suppliers off your back.

What did you want to achieve?

But just for one moment do one thing for me. Sit quietly for just a few minutes without interruptions and remember what it was that you wanted to achieve when establishing your business? Just for one moment try and connect with what lights up your passion. The thing is, above anything else, whatever that passion is, it’s there for a reason, you’ve just lost the connection. There was a difference you wanted to make.

Now I know you might be saying – “yea but, that’s not going to pay the bills”. Really? Then why are my clients getting real successes, with business being done in the month of August alone which exceeded all previous months – real business! And without having to do any of the items listed above.

Your passion is your key. You find that, and you will know exactly what you need to do next and be able to see through all the noise. Keep doing the little things that will lead to the big successes. In the end, know this: You can do it. You can make a living on your own. You can follow your passion and be a success. You can provide a product or service that people want and that is superior to the competition. And, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Find your passion. Get clear on it. Make it work. And You can do it!

Paul Davis –