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You coming to the Business Live Events?

We’ve been promoting the Business Live events fairly heavily. But we’ve been pitching them wrong! People have been very good to get back and say its great what we’re doing…..BUT…they’re only trading locally. We’ve WRONGLY given the impression that the business live events are only for companies that are currently exporting or selling overseas.

These events are for all businesspeople that have a desire to grow their businesses. Selling overseas is just – albeit a very important just – the scaling mechanism that we want to highlight as an example of challenges that need to be faced as a company expands.

Rightly or wrongly we feel that our domestic economies are (here’s a new technical economic word for you) SCREWED for the forseeable future.


A few billion in my underpants

Unless some public servant finds another few billion stuffed inside his shorts to inflate the local, we as SMEs have to consider markets further afield – whether that’s crossing over the border to look for customers or hopping on a plane to see if all this BRIC hype is real.

If you’re selling in Newry, you can probably sell in Dundalk. If you can sell in Dundalk, you can probably have a crack off of Galway.The West of Ireland has long established trade links with Manchester. Do you need a market bigger than 12m people? If you can crack Manchester, you can have a cut off of Birmingham. Here you will invariably meet some of the best traders in the world with strong links to India….who says it can’t be done?

You should also consider attending because local businesses, particularly smaller ones, have difficulties gaining reliable information about doing business in overseas markets. Sometimes local businesses don’t fit into pigeon holes for the State agencies, so they don’t get much help. Well, these events will show that there’s plenty of help available, sometimes from sources that you may not expect, and how to access it!

Come one, come all. Come along to the business live events with the mindset that you should consider looking at ways to expand your business…. And looking for help with all the challenges that this entails.

So the Business Live event in Belfast next week – Riddle Hall, November 16th –  and the week after


Are about

  • Recognising the value of international trade
  • Understanding foreign cultures and customs
  • Building channels to new markets and
  • Developing useful business relationships


But they’re also about

  • Growing your business
  • Getting help in finding new markets
  • Putting in place scalable management structures
  • Having an eCommerce strategy
  • and selling to new customer

A really bad joke!!!

How about we finish with a really really bad joke? (although the public servant one was good if very subtle)

Did you hear the one about Paddy the Irishman, Paddy the Greek, Paddy the German, Paddy the Finn, Paddy the Frenchman, Paddy the Pole and Paddy the Italian who decided to go for a pint?