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Young Entrepreneurship

We here a lot about the doom and gloom of the economy these days, the media being flooded with headlines about debt, un-employment and so on. Yes, times are tough, but the Irish are tougher! It all seems to be a story of a de-moralized country lacking belief in itself.

That’s not what we see, however. Everyday in our own communities we see innovation, enterprise and excitement about the future. We can see this coming from all walks of life but arguably most prominently, we can see enterprise from young people! Young Entrepreneurship can be a shining light in turbulent times.

Drive, determination and independence

It not only dismisses any negative stereotypes associated with our youth, it also proves that they have drive, determination and independence. These entrepreneurial traits refreshingly suggest that the future for our country is a bright one! We should take pride in the successes of this country.

It is important that people hear more of young successful entrepreneurs and less of the bad stuff! It is only when the media start capturing the nations imagination that they can be inspired into the exciting, incredibly satisfying, limitless career that is enterprise! Here are some young entrepreneurs we hold huge admiration for, their enterprises are an inspiration to us all:

Vincent Coyne – Eirtext iPhone App

EirText allows SMS subscribers to use their iPhone or iPod Touch to send their free SMS webtexts directly from their handset. A fellow – Galwegian Vincent Coyne developed this clever iPhone app, taking the free webtexts many of us have and making them much more accessible and usable. A great utility app that has surely saved many a fortune on their mobile bills and I’m sure Vincent hasn’t done too badly out of it either, with the Pro paid version selling in its thousands! He has released more iPhone apps since and has become a well-known figure in app development in recent years!

Tara Haughton – Rosso Solini

Rosso Solini, the Italian for ‘red sole’, is a product invented by 16-year-old Kildare native Tara Haughton that’s made a sweeping impact in the Irish fashion industry. Spotting the high price tag that comes with Christian Louboutin shoes, she decided to create her own ‘designer soles’, which could be placed on the sole of the shoe, transforming them instantly. Considered to be a simple yet brilliant idea, Tara has begun to export her products and the future appears to be limitless for Tara Haughton and Rosso Solini!

Ciarán Maguire – GreatNite Android & iPhone app

GreatNite is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. Ciarán Maguire and his team provide up-to-date information on nightclubs, everything from music type to age restrictions. GreatNite does exactly what is says on the tin and provides all the information one needs to have a brilliant night out! This clever idea has been the subject of much positive media so far – most recently, presidential candidate David Norris endorsing it on Twitter! The future looks bright for GreatNite and we wish them the very best.

These are only some of the many success stories around the country and we hope you can get a sense of the inspiration we feel when reading about these kind of enterprises.

It was these that inspired us to go for it with our idea, Our enterprise is still very young, in fact only a couple of months in existence, but we can already say that the experience so far has been one we will never forget! Life in enterprise moves fast, every day is different and the future is always an exciting, unpredictable prospect!

Now I know very few things in life are definite, but you can be sure that if you don’t try you will never succeed. So if you think you have even as little as the seed of an idea, our sincerest of advice: Just go for it and don’t put it off!

The very best of luck, Jack Collins (16) & Andrew Forde (17), Co-founders of