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A Small Business’s Guide to PPC

The core principles behind PPC are really quite simple. Your advert will appear during a relevant consumer search on keywords that you define and you pay a fee, based on the amount of competition around those keywords, if the consumer clicks on your ad. In this way PPC advertising is one […]

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Tech in Business: 4 Major Gamechangers and How to Cope

The digital and computer revolution has left the 21st century truly a brave new world. Social interaction has taken on new meanings and dimensions through online gaming, mass communications and the social media craze. Technology has made learning, shopping and interacting with the entire world a daily thing for most […]

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6 Critical Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing can be daunting for the uninitiated.  However, there are so many thought leaders out there that are trying to break down the barriers for those that come after them that you don’t have to go at it alone. Consider the following digital marketing tips and strategies, when putting […]

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Making a Great Ad for PPC Marketing

Businesses involved in PPC marketing and advertising are always looking for ways to increase their click through rates. Nevertheless, many do not realize that the first step to achieving this is to have a good ad. Without a good ad, your website will be performing below par in terms of […]

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The Benefits of Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

For your PPC campaign to work optimally, you need to keep up with the changing trends and technological innovations in the online marketplace. Since the goal is to attract traffic and convert them into customers, you need to understand the consumer behaviour of your target customers. This will enable you […]

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Combining SEO and PPC Advertising Campaigns

Many website owners approach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) as completely different marketing strategies. Even though the two approaches are different in many ways, both the SEO and the PPC advertising campaigns target the same customer who is searching for the same product or service. Combining the two […]

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8 Things to Avoid When Starting a PPC Campaign

Small business professionals venture into the world of PPC with great expectations. Unless they have worked with PPC before, odds are they will make some mistakes. These errors can limit the effectiveness of their PPC campaign. After a couple of campaigns, it’s unlikely they will have the same missteps. Below […]

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